Multicam and MTP Compared - A Buyers Guide

Multi-terrain camouflage patterns have been the cause of some confusion for various reasons, not least whether one type can be successfully worn with another.  The most well known multi-terrain camouflage patterns in the UK are Multicam and MTP.  This is a short guide to help potential buyers decide whether the Multicam products supplied by This Tribe will suit their needs. 


Multicam is a 6 colour camouflage pattern, optimised in the arid scrub and urban colour sets but which performs well across the whole spectrum, out to desert at one end and woodland at the other.  The pattern is also designed to work at varying light levels.  The design is owned, and all Multicam fabric manufactured by the US company Crye Precision LLC.


MTP is the version of Multicam developed for the British Armed Forces. It uses the same colours and proportions, although the coloured shapes are more elongated and also some have the spotted edges of some shapes in DPM.  To quote the Defence Science and Technology Lab "in a pattern that had clear echoes of the well-known British 'splash' pattern".  MTP is not available to commercial equipment manufacturers except when producing equipment for the MoD.



Over smaller areas the two camouflage patterns look similar and use the same colours, so equipment such as webbing and daysacks and smaller clothing such as hats will not be noticeably different and will not normally offend the Chain of Command when worn together with an MTP uniform.  Larger areas and clothing will however stand out.  Also manufacturing contracts vary and colours will inevitably change a bit – if your uniform trousers are a bit different from your shirt, but both are MTP then you're covered.  If the cause is because one is Multicam and the other MTP then you may have problems.




There are no reported differences in the performance of MTP and Multicam.

IR Reflectivity

All genuine Multicam equipment and clothing is treated for appropriate IR reflectivity, unless called "Multicam VS" (Visible Spectrum).  This is used to describe some prints and non-standard Multicam fabrics that won't allow IRR tuning.

Other Patterns

Other multiple-terrain camoflage patterns include the US Army's UCP (Universal Camoflage Pattern) or  “Digicam”, the Australian DPCU and Polish Pantera.  All of these have been issued to troops in Afghanistan.  

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